Like all Eastercons, ConFusion is run entirely by volunteers from beginning to end. All of the Committee, staff and other volunteers are doing this in our spare time for the love of science fiction and of the fannish community of which we are part.

Why Volunteer?

We need help with all kinds of tasks, before, during and after the convention. Some are about planning and organisation; some are about promoting the convention, and some are about practical work at the convention itself. Some tasks can be done by individuals, although many of our volunteers will work as part of a team.

As well as the satisfaction of contributing to a successful event enjoyed by hundreds of fellow fans, volunteering can be a good way to meet people. Whether you’re a seasoned volunteer or this is your very first convention, your help will be valued by the Committee and by everyone at ConFusion.

How to Get Involved

When you join ConFusion, you can tell us what you’re interested in helping with. If you’d like to help but you’re not sure what you would like to do, get in touch with us at and we can tell you more. Any experience from running other conventions or events could be useful, as could skills and experience at work, from your studies or with other leisure activities.

If you have already joined, you can update your membership details to tell us how you could help. Please volunteer if you can!