ConFusion announces a Bar Con for cider lovers
(A GatherTown Event)

Bar Con is happening with the aid of Crafty Nectar and a fine introductory selection of ciders! Crafty Nectar have been kind enough to give us a special offer, and they are even including tasting notes. Zi will be your host at this Friday-evening event and recommends having some cheddar cheese to hand to complement.

The cider selection is comprised of:

  • Cidre Breton 330ml – Keeved French cider
  • Crafty Nectar No.8 500ml – Rhubarb Cider voted the world’s tastiest cider in 2019
  • Crafty Nectar No.9 500ml – Blackberry and Hibiscus Co-Ferment
  • Turner Medium Dry 500ml – Eastern Counties style cider made using eating apples rather than cider apples.
  • Hogans Killer Sharp 500ml- A sour cider and something a little unique
  • Once Upon a Tree Perry 500ml – Award winning perry from Herefordshire

The cost is £3.50 per bottle, for a total of £21 per pack, plus £4.99 delivery (UK only). We hear they are willing to throw in a slab of West Country Cheddar for an extra fiver!

How to order

Simply follow this link to order: We advise ordering as soon as possible to ensure you have your ciders on time!

How to take part

This event will take place in ConFusion’s GatherTown space, which means you will need a modern desktop browser to take part.