The Doc Weir Award was set up in 1963 in memory of fan Arthur Rose (Doc) Weir, who had died two years previously. Weir was a relative newcomer to fandom: he discovered it late in life – but in the short time of his involvement he was active in a number of fannish areas. In recognition of this, the Award is sometimes seen as the “Good Guy” Award; something for “The Unsung Heroes”.

Fandom needs volunteers. Conventions, clubs, fanzines – they all require an extensive workforce, people who do “stuff” for no financial reward. Some people have a high-profile role but there are many who don’t, whose involvement goes almost unnoticed and may even be taken for granted. In some respects, the ideal Doc Weir Award candidate is the sort of person who doesn’t immediately spring to mind but makes perfect sense if somebody else suggests them.

The winner receives a silver cup, which they get to keep for a year. They get their name engraved on it (although, with typical fannish efficiency, the winner has to pay to get this done).

If you know someone who has made some form of contribution to fandom that deserves a little public recognition, please email your nomination to  by 12:00 (BST) on Monday 5th April 2021. In your email please include your name, Membership number and who you are nominating for the Doc Weir 2021.

Emails to this address will go to the 2021 Doc Weir vote administrator, Jamie Scott (A0042)

For further information on the Doc Weir, including a list of previous winners, please see