Academic Track at Eastercon 2021

Eastercon is the British National Science Fiction Convention, held annually over the Easter Weekend. The convention is peripatetic in nature, changing location and lead organisers each year. Each iteration of Eastercon is known by a different name.

This year’s convention: ‘ConFusion’, is running an academic track, with opportunities for scholars to present critical reflections and research to an interested, knowledgeable and active audience. Our programming team welcomes contributions from both institutional and independent scholars on a wide range of topics in a variety of formats. The academic track will form a part of a varied programme of activities that will be scheduled to run across the weekend. It is usual for multiple tracks to be running concurrently.

ConFusion will take place on the weekend of Friday 2nd April to Monday 5th April 2021.


Please send any proposals in to by 23:59 on Sunday 31st January 2021. We will respond to submissions as soon as possible after the closing date. Should you have any queries, please contact us at the same email address.

Call For Papers and Posters

Though we would be particularly delighted to receive submissions sharing our focus on ‘fun’ this year, this is not exclusive.

We welcome submissions for individual presentations, panels, for roundtable discussions or workshops on any matters our membership would find of interest. Science fiction, science, fantasy, history, books, fandom, and genre films and television all form a part of our members’ interests.

We are as interested in receiving proposals from scholars in the humanities as we are in hearing from scholars working in scientific fields. We strongly encourage proposals from Early Career Researchers, current PhD candidates and MA/MSc Students.

Proposals are welcome for:

  • Individual Presentation – Papers with a delivery time of between 10 minutes up to 45 minutes are invited. Our usual format is 15-minute or 20-minute papers, but we are seeking to experiment with the structure of our track this year. Please indicate length on the proposal; let us know and we shall attempt to group papers on the schedule as appropriate.
  • Panel – a group of 3 related presentations of 15 minutes each. (Each presenter will need to fill in a Call for Papers response individually).
  • Roundtable/Discussion – a group of contributors on a specific topic moderated by one individual for a c.50-minute discussion, including audience contribution.
  • Workshop Session – 50-minute interactive sessions led by 1-3 presenters, centring on participant involvement.

If you’re proposing a group event, let us know who else has agreed to participate, or who you (reasonably) expect to participate. We would expect that you will have discussed the proposed event with your intended co-presenters. We would prefer, if you are proposing a group panel, that everyone attending would present, though we might be able to help if you need to fill a spot.

ConFusion also invites proposals for posters and poster presentations across the full range of academic disciplines. Proposals are welcome from both institutional and independent scholars, on a wide range of topics, in a variety of formats. If you are interested in submitting a response, but would like to discuss this first, then please email us at, and we will be happy to have an email or Zoom etc conversation with you.

Please indicate whether you plan to deliver a submission as a presented paper, video essay or poster. If you are submitting a proposal for a poster, please indicate whether you are prepared to provide brief audio or written commentary on the contents. 

If you are interested in submitting a response please send us:

  • An abstract of c.300 words.
  • A short biography of c.150 words (there is no requirement to submit an Academic CV).

Useful Information

At the time of issuing this call, it is intended that ConFusion will take place on a hybrid basis. Whilst some members of the convention will attend in person at the convention venue in Birmingham, it is expected, due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, that some members will not be able to travel, and so will attend online. There is therefore scope for papers and panels etc to be delivered wholly online.

In an ordinary year, around 800 – 1200 members would attend Eastercon. Ordinarily, any person participating in any part of the programme has to be a member of the convention. Both Weekend and Day Memberships are available. Concessionary memberships are available. We do not wish there to be any barriers to participation in the academic track, and may be able to provide bursary memberships to successful respondents to this Call who would otherwise not be able to afford the cost of membership. If this is a factor which would be of concern, please advise us of this, and we will endeavour to assist.

Our members have an interest in works of science fiction, fantasy, and other related genres of entertainment. Within this umbrella, the members’ interests are diverse, often inter-disciplinary and frequently traverse media boundaries. Further information about ConFusion can be found on the convention website:

Information regarding Eastercon and the history of the convention can be found here: