The at-con newsletter for ConFusion 2021 is called Happy Daze.

The current newsletter is available at the newsletter distribution point at registration desk, where you entered Gather Town.  You will also find current and past issues in the newsletter office, which is located near the games room. You can also download pdf versions of the past issues from this page.

At the newsletter display stand, press x to display the current newsletter and x again to close it. You can zoom in and out with control-scrollwheel on your mouse, or with Cmd +/ – (Apple) or Ctrl +/ – (Windows).

If you have items or suggestions for the newsletter, please send them to or visit the office and talk to a member of staff.

Issue 6 – Monday lunchtime
Issue 5 – Sunday evening
Issue 4 – Sunday lunchtime
Issue 3 – Saturday afternoon
Issue 2 – Saturday lunchtime
Issue 1 – Friday evening

Supplement: Readings, recommendations and resources from the panels (last update April 8)