Accessing Content: Platform Reveal


Find out how you’ll be able to access ConFusion’s content – panels, talks, events and all of our programme items.



Music: ConFusion2021 Theme and ConFusion2021 Incidentals by The Light Dreams – commissioned and licensed directly from the artist, check out their other work: https://the​
Host: Keith Smith
Photos: stock headshots licensed via Envato Elements
Rocket and UFO models: James Shields, based on the original artwork by Serena Culfeather – donated to ConFusion2021
UFO sound: Keith Smith – donated to ConFusion2021
3D animation and video editing: Keith Smith


Full transcript of the video

Keith: Hello, and welcome to a video on bringing the convention to life. In this video we are thrilled to reveal how our primary content platform will work. This can sometimes be confused with our social platform, but they are different.

Our social platform (GatherTown) brings the convention components and the convention people together in a single space. Our content platform distributes (or streams, if you prefer) our programme content to you. These streams are brought into GatherTown so that you can see them there alongside your fellow attendees, but they don’t have to be; you can watch the content on your phone, on your tablet, your computer, even your TV. You know what? Especially your TV – we suspect that watching the convention on your TV might be quite popular. Think of it a bit like watching Netflix or Amazon (other services are of course available) – where and how would you like to watch our content?

Let me show you what I mean. Here is a picture of somebody watching a panel from their living room TV. Yes… this is what our panels are going to look like, well one of the views of a panel at any rate. It is designed to be a clean and clear experience. The audience can and will be able to interact with the panellists (for curated Q&A specifically) though their smartphones, their tablets, and their laptops – all live and in real time.

Now, as I noted earlier, you will be able to consume our programme content inside GatherTown, and this is what that is going to look like. There will be spaces within our GatherTown implementation that will be dedicated programme rooms (a bit like a programme room at an in-person event). If you go there you will be able to watch the panel live whilst watching – and discussing – it with others in that same space. Whether that be verbally or via the chat.

Now, we are very aware of the private areas and speaker tile capabilities of GatherTown – and we will be using them – but not as the method for consuming our programme content. That was never the experience that we wanted to create.

Finally, let me quickly flick though some of the layouts that you will see when you are watching our programme content. First up, there is the five person view which you saw earlier in this video. Next, a single person view, full frame. Then we have the first of our three-up views. Next is the second of our three-up views, followed by a two-up, which is of course ideal for interviews and you will have seen being used in an earlier video. And finally you have the slide view – which is what you are looking at right now.

So there you have it. That is how you will be accessing our content. You have a choice: either actively as part of the social experience within GatherTown, or more passively – like watching a TV programme – on the device of your choice. Stay tuned – for we’ve more coming in the run-up to the convention itself.

Have a great day, everyone.