Extended access to content

There’s never enough time over the Eastercon weekend to do everything – to talk to everyone, to see every programme item you want to see, and to visit the Art Show and Dealers…. This year, thanks to the digital platforms used to deliver the con, there’s chance to catch up afterwards!


Members can catch up on programme items via the Holodeck on our programme platform (choose ‘Holodeck’ from the menu at the top). Access continues until 23:59 on Monday April 12th. And if you want to check what was on, the programme guide is still available, too.

You can also catch up on reading recommendations and other resources from some of the programme items.

Art Show

Did you see the amazing Art Show? It’s not too late! The Art Show continues until 23:59 on Friday April 9th, and members can continue to buy artwork through our Art Show sales site until the same time. There’s information on how to view and purchase art, if you need it.


You can still catch up with our dealers via their web sites – see our Dealers page for links and information.