Accessing programme items

Accessing programme items

There are two ways to get into the programme items you want to see.

  • If you’re starting from the convention’s GatherTown space, you can go to the item’s programme room at the right time, and ‘interact’ with it by pressing X.)
  • If you’re not in the GatherTown space, you can go directly to the programme platform. Choose Today’s Events from the menu bar at the top to see a list of forthcoming events.

Viewing recordings

If you can’t attend an item, recordings are available on the ‘Holodeck’. You can access the Holodeck via the programme platform (choose Holodeck from the menu at the top) or via GatherTown from 21 Forward.

Recordings will normally be available a few hours after items finish. There has been a delay in adding items, but we are hoping to be caught up by the end of Sunday. Recordings will remain available after the convention until at least 12 April.


If you’re attending one of the programme items live, you’re welcome to ask questions of the speakers via slid.o:

  1. Log into the page for ConFusion. The passcode for Monday is day4
  2. Choose the room for your programme item, and ask a question.