Membership rates

Adult Online18+ on 2 April 2021£50
Adult Concession Online£30
ChildUnder 18 on 2 April 2021£20
InfantUnder 5 on 2 April 2021£1
ApocryphalGet a badge for your stuffed toy/mascot£1
Adult Online18+ on 2 April 2021£60
Adult Concession Online£35
Dealer registrationDealers table only; does not give access to convention programme (Purchase by pre-arrangement only - contact£20

Memberships will be available ‘on the door’ during the Easter weekend itself, as shown. However, please note that there may be a delay from purchasing a membership to accessing the convention systems, so we strongly recommend registering in advance.

Who Qualifies for Concessionary Rates?

The concessionary rate is deliberately vague! Fixed categories are easy for organisers but can’t take into account everyone’s unique situation. We believe that our members are fair and honest and know their situation better than anyone else. The test is:

  • If you think you can pay the full rate then you should.
  • If you think you should get the concession rate then you do.

Check your membership

Not sure whether you’ve joined? Can’t find your confirmation? You can request confirmation of your membership via our registration system: enter the email address that you used to join ConFusion, and the system will send you a message with all your membership details.

You can also check our online membership list, but remember that it only shows members who have given their consent to being listed. If you need more information, or if you have any other queries, contact us at , and we’ll do our best to help.

Update your membership

You can update many of your membership details yourself online. Start by requesting confirmation of your membership as above. Follow the link at the bottom of the confirmation message, and you’ll see a list of all the memberships registered by you. Click the ‘Edit’ button on any of them to update settings like the badge name and communications preferences.

While you’re there, please look through the volunteering options and see whether you can help. You wouldn’t believe how many volunteers a virtual convention actually needs, so please help if you can!

Note that you cannot update your name or email address online. If you need to change them, please contact the membership team at

Transfer your membership

If you would like to transfer your membership to another person, we will be happy to help. Please contact our membership team at