How to view art

The Art Show is on a Platform called Kunstmatrix which can be accessed through the Convention GatherTown Art Show space, the Convention Website or directly through

Kunstmatrix works on computer desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones and can also be linked to a Smart TV screen.

What you will see on entering Kunstmatrix is Confusion 2021 Art Show and several exhibition rooms with the names of the artists exhibited in each. Click on the Enter Exhibition rectangle and you are in.

The first thing you will see is a quick guide to navigating. You have a choice of taking yourself around the room using direction keys (on your screen or keyboard) or by clicking on the Tour Gallery option for a guided tour of all the pieces.

You can go up to a piece by clicking on the image itself. This will give you options which include (i) for information about that piece or a “catalogue view” of the artist’s work with an option to go to others individually.

We have listed the actual size of each piece, whether it is an original or a print/limited edition print, the medium used (pen, acrylics etc) and the price if it is for sale. With some pieces you will also have additional information from the artist. Please be aware that the images on the Kunstmatrix Gallery site are NOT to scale with the rooms they are in!

Some print items have only one for sale, others multiple and this is also shown.

Prices include postage (first class and mostly recorded) to addresses within the UK. Some artists are happy to post outwith the UK but you should ask them about postage first because there will be an additional charge. Of course, this also means we ask for a postal address when you buy your item!

How to purchase art

In the information section of each piece there will be a link to our ConFusion Art Shop if the item is for sale. Click on this link and you can follow the instructions to purchase.

You will notice you have a Cart option which allows you to put more than one piece from any of our artists into your Cart.

HOWEVER, and this is important, you have not completely reserved that item until you take it to Checkout to pay. Be aware that while you have items in a cart, someone else may also be looking to buy that piece so we recommend you buy straight away or as soon as possible. We have no way around this on our system. If you miss out on a piece, feel free to contact the artist who may have other prints available on demand.

The Art Show team will be on hand to help over the course of the convention. You can ask an Art Show guardian in the GatherTown Art Show space for help or you can e-mail for either John or Serena. We’ll be available during the convention to help and answer questions.

We are very excited to try a new way to exhibit and sell the convention art and hope you enjoy the exhibitions we have put together. Constructive feedback on the virtual experience is always welcomed but we sincerely hope to get back to pegboard, white tac and an actual venue before long!