ConFusion Code of Conduct

The Event has a wide range of Attendees and the Committee intend to provide a safe environment in which all Attendees may enjoy the Event to the fullest. In order for the safe environment to be maintained, we ask all attendees (including but not limited to Guests, Traders, Staff, and Artists) to read and take note of this Code of Conduct.

The following types of behaviour are unacceptable and will not be tolerated at the Event:

  • use of bad language, verbal abuse, or swearing at other Attendees, Exhibitors, Hilton Staff, Organisers, Chair, and Volunteers for the Event;
  • any physical violence towards Attendees, Exhibitors, Hilton Staff, Organisers, Chair, and Volunteers for the Event, including pushing and shoving of any sort;
  • racial abuse, sexual harassment or unwelcome attention and intolerance of any sort;
  • causing damage to the Hilton, exhibitor stands, art show, or property of any Attendee;
  • disorderly behaviour of any sort including sustained disruption of events;
  • advocating for or encouraging any of the above behaviour.

Not reading the terms and conditions does not exempt the Attendee from being bound by them.

The Code of Conduct governs not only behaviour at ConFusion, but also prior to the convention in certain spaces elsewhere, including but not limited to activity online, such as in messages or replies to ConFusion accounts on social media, and posts on ConFusion pages or in related groups.

Dealing with Code of Conduct issues

If you feel comfortable, address the person and the problem behaviour directly. In most cases this will be all that is required.

If you are not comfortable with a direct approach, or it proves insufficient, then you may either:

  • report the matter to the Duty Committee Member. They will contact the Designated People described below, one or more of whom will come to talk to you as soon as possible;
  • contact Operations, who will take it forward in the same manner;
  • contact one of the Designated People directly, in person or by calling the number listed at the foot of the Code of Conduct.

Convention response and responsibilities

The ConFusion Committee is responsible for enforcing the Code of Conduct and for maintaining confidentiality. This responsibility is delegated in the first instance to a team of three people (the Designated People), who will deal with complaints, and who will be listed at the foot of the final version of the Code of Conduct that comes into force at the start of the Convention.

At least one of those three will be a Committee member; at least one will not.

The complaint will be heard, in confidence, in a private place, and an appropriate response will be rendered by return when all the evidence for the case has been considered.

In cases of a dispute with the hotel, the Committee will support the hotel and the hotel’s own Code of Conduct.

The standard of judgement in these matters is the “reasonable person” standard as applied by the designated people, and by members of the Committee.

Sanctions for CoC violations

If the Committee or Chair, in their absolute discretion, consider that any Attendee is acting in a way which:

  • poses risks to the health and safety of others attending the Event; and/or
  • contravenes the terms and conditions of the Hilton; and/or
  • may cause damage to the structure or any part of the fabric of the Hilton; and/or
  • is likely to cause offense or distress to others attending the Event; and/or
  • breaches the Event Code of Conduct or makes implicit the intention to do so.

This may include any of the following:

  • arbitration between the parties involved;
  • one, and only one, verbal warning;
  • refusal to provide membership;
  • rescinding of convention membership without refund, and removing the Attendee from the Event;
  • reporting the incident to the police.

The Committee’s decision in all Code of Conduct matters is final.

Designated People: contact numbers and email

The names of three Designated People will appear here in the final version. They can be contacted on the dedicated phone. In the event that an incident is reported outside of the normal convention operational staff hours (between 08:00 and 22:00 of each day), then unless the incident is immediately urgent, the Designated Person on call at the time will make record of the incident and report it to the Committee in the morning.

At least one of the Designated People will be a Committee member; at least one will not.

A telephone number will be published at the convention.

Code of Conduct team email: